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The Heirs of Scheherazade

The Heirs of Sheherazade (ENGL-398)

Professor: Elizabeth Fifer

"I want to expose them (the students) to the field of Arab-American contemporary literature and use it to gain a deeper understanding of the culture of the Middle East, particularly as it affects women. The Scheherazade story links to power and privilege, and becomes enmeshed with politics at each stage of its evolution. It is now a vehicle for empowering women, a sea change from its original manifestation in The 1001 Nights. I would like students to do wide ranging research, not only to find topics and critical ideas for papers but also to build a composite picture together of this complex figure. What can we learn from the treatment of this figure about the challenges for Arab and Arab American women today? I would like them also to learn how to do internet archival research to study the visual historical record and then use it together to make something original of their own in their digital film." - Fifer