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Globalization and Contextualization

Globalization and Contextualization (CIE 401)

Professor: Peggy A. Kong

"I imagine six potential uses of the iPad in the class. First, the iPad would be a single repository for class readings, class notes (hand written or typed notes), assignments, videos, student collaboration, and discussion. Second, before and after classes, students are required to participate in online forums. The iPad would allow students easy access to the online forums and hopefully encourage lively discussion. I am interested in exploring if there are other applications/possibilities using the Ipad for encouraging more discussion and preparation outside of class time. Third, several class meetings will involve in-class discussions and collaborations. During these classes, having iPads in class will ensure that all students have access to the internet and collaborative space on the class website to share/discuss work. For example, students will be asked to explore a specific country context or topic in class and would able to access UNESCO, World Bank, or other educational data. Having iPads in class would be better than reserving a computer lab for each of these class discussions. Fourth, students will use the iPad to discuss their own interaction with education and technology in a US institution of higher education. How do iPads open up the creative and educational spaces for student development and exploration? Fifth, I think an iPad could be used for student assessment. I would like to explore how student work can be assessed and managed using an iPad. Sixth, group projects are an integral part of the course. iPad could be used for student collaboration for group projects and presentations."