Academic Integrity Resources

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Provost's Academic Integrity Page
(inks to resources for fostering Academic Integrity at Lehigh)

Remote Learning and Academic Integrity
(general tips and specific advice for promoting academic integrity when teaching remotely)

Academic Integrity Vignettes
(a PowerPoint document that provides academic integrity case studies for use by instructors during class review of policies and approaches)

For Faculty: Designing Research Paper Assignments: Characteristics of Effective Assignments
(on designing courses and assignments that teach good research habits and discourage plagiarism)

For Students: Tutorials for Research Success
(general information on doing library research, managing citations, footnoting properly, etc.)

For Faculty: Tips for Promoting Academic Integrity and Deterring Plagiarism

For Faculty: Tips for Promoting Academic Integrity During Exams

For Faculty: On the Effective and Appropriate Uses of
(learn how Turnitin works and how best to use it in your classes)

Dean of Students' Academic Integrity Page
(Dean of Students' website: contains Lehigh's code of conduct, Student Senate Statement on academic Integrity, etc.)

For Students:  Instructions for Submitting a Document to Turnitin through Course Site  (Video Version) (Note: instructions start at Step 4 because you are accessing your assignment through Course Site rather than directly through the Turnitin website)