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Reacting To The Past Workshop

Event Date: 
Friday, September 21
Event Time: 
9:00 am to 12:00 pm
Event Location: 
EWFM 520
Event Presenters: 
Jason Slipp and a Faculty

Not only will you get to hear from faculty who have implemented RTTP games into their courses, but you will be able to immerse yourself into a historical role and participate in Bacon’s Rebellion which has just been released for gameplay. If you are unfamiliar with Reacting To The Past (RTTP), it is a robust pedagogy developed out of Barnard College by Historian Mark Carnes. Through subversive role play, RTTP promotes imagination, inquiry, and engagement as foundational features of teaching and learning across all disciplines in higher education. In addition to being student-centered, the RTTP pedagogy consists of instructional undergirding that promote critical thinking, writing and presentation skills, argumentation, collaboration, and more. The pedagogy has been implemented at over 500 colleges and universities and is sustained by a large consortium (of which Lehigh is a member) that develops two multiple annual conferences, administers grants, and offers consulting services. If you have been searching for ways to enhance your teaching and your students' learning, RTTP could be a perfect fit.

Tentative Agenda 9AM-10AM - Introduction to the RTTP pedagogy/Panel session of Lehigh faculty who have implemented RTTP games in their respective courses.
10:00AM -10:30AM - Break and introduction to the Bacon’s Rebellion microgame/role sheet distribution
10:30AM -11:45AM - Play Bacon’s Rebellion Microgame
11:45-Noon - Debrief/questions