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CITL Projects explore new approaches to teaching and learning, new instructional technologies, and new educational opportunities.

Lehigh Online is focused on extending Lehigh's tradition of offering quality Distance Education and online courses.

Digital Scholarship Faculty Fellowship is a new fellowship available to Lehigh faculty interested in enhancing their scholarship with digital tools and resources.

The WILL Study is a Provost-funded multi-year study of Writing to Improve Learning at Lehigh, led by Greg Skutches.

iPad Project is a multi-year investigation into the use of iPads in Lehigh classrooms.

Flipped Classes  supports Lehigh faculty who wish to move face-to-face aspects of their classrrom into an online learning environment to free class time for increased interaction.

Classroom Visit and Instructor Feedback Project connects Lehigh instructors with trained undergraduate students who visit classrooms and offer feedback on teaching and presentations.

Classroom Technology Upgrades: explores promising new types of technology in the classroom and their uses.