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Lehigh Online is a project focused on extending Lehigh's tradition of offering quality Distance Education and online courses.

Final Report From the Online Learning Advisory Committee (5/30/15)

Call for Online Course Development Proposals for the 2015-16 academic year [pdf]  Application Deadline has passed)

To promote innovation in teaching and learning at Lehigh and to improve our understanding of online course delivery, the Provost and LTS have issued a Call for Proposals for the development of a small number of new or substantially redesigned online courses to be offered during the 2015-16 academic year. 

Interim Report "Future Directions for Online Learning at Lehigh," OLAC's recommendation to Provost Farrell (finalized Fall 2014).


The Online Learning Advisory Committee 

View the OLAC Charge and Membership (Lehigh login required).

On the recommendation of the Online Learning Advisory Committee, the Center for Innovation for Teaching and Learning is supporting the development of the following online courses: 


Graduate Courses
  TLT401: Overview of Teaching and Learning (Al Bodzin, Tom Hammond, Scott Garrigan)
  TLT403: Instructional Design (Bodzin, Hammond, Garrigan)
  TLT470: Technology for Teaching and Learning (Bodzin, Hammond, Garrigan)
Undergraduate Courses 
  ENG: Showtime’s Dexter: Television as Serial Fiction  (Dawn Keetley) 
  PHL 120: Philosophy in Film (Greg Reihman)
  ME 374: Mechatronic Laboratory  (Duke Perreria)  
  REL: Bioethics and the Law (Dena Davis)
  HIST 145: History of Science  (Steve Goldman)


Graduate Courses
  SPED 330, SCHP/SPED 402, SPED/TLT 409: Special Education and School Psychology Program (Christina Cole, Brenna Wood, Peter Doehring) 
  TLT 480: Curriculum Theory and Design (Lynn Columba, Tom Hammond, Al Bodzin, Scott Garrigan)
  EDUC 403: Research (Alex Wiseman)

 Undergraduate Courses: fully online
  ME 374: Mechatronic Laboratory  (Duke Perreria)  ) CEE 37x/47x Mathematical Foundations in Environmental Fluid Mechanics   (Jerry Lennon)
  CEE 37x/47x: Mathematical Foundations in Environmental Fluid Mechanics   (Jerry Lennon)   

 Undergraduate Courses: online modules
  SOC 104: Political Sociology, online course modules (Ziad Munson)
  AAS 003: Introduction to Africana Studies (James Peterson, Monica Miller et al.) 

Tentative: Free Online Non-Credit Courses
  BIOS 010: Biosciences in the 21st Century (Vassie Ware et al.)

  AAS 003: Introduction to Africana Studies (James Peterson, Monica Miller et al.)
  HIST 145: History of Science  (Steve Goldman)


Lehigh has offered distance education programs for over 20 years and currently offers a range of graduate degrees and certificate programs and online undergraduate summer courses.

Spring 2013: Provost Farrell and Vice Provost Bruce Taggart formed a new Online Learning Advisory Committee and charged it to advance campus discussion about the role online learning should play at Lehigh and develop a draft position paper regarding the role of online learning and Distance Education at Lehigh.    This group meets bi-weekly. View the OLAC Charge and current Membership (Lehigh login required).

Summer 2013: OLAC provided a brief report to Provost Farrell, with 10 recommendations for next steps. View the report here [pdf]

Early Fall 2013: Provost Farrell and Vice Provost Bruce Taggart issued a call for proposals to Lehigh faculty to encourage further exploration of regular-semester online courses (view the 2013-14 call [pdf])

Fall 2013: OLAC representatives  met with Department Chairs at the Chairs' Breakfast, with the Academic Affairs Committee of the Board of Trustees & Department Chairs (view the report [pdf]), and with the Strategic Planning Implementation Group

December 4, 2013:  OLAC organized a Campus-wide discussion of Online Learning at Lehigh. View the report [pdf] | View the Lehigh News story

Spring 2014: OLAC presented at the March Board of Trustees Meeting, worked to draft and circulate "Future Directions on Online Learning at Lehigh," and met with SPIG in July 2014.

Fall 2014: OLAC met with the Provost's Council, submitted a penultimate draft of the  "Future Directions" document to SPIG, and finalized that document, available online here:  "Future Directions for Online Learning at Lehigh," Submits to the R&P Committee a recommendation that OLAC become an elected faculty committee. Second Call for Proposals is issued. 

Spring  2015: OLAC's recommendation to create a faculty committee is enacted.  "Online Learning Policy Committee" is elected to begin work in Fall 2015.