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Intermediate Spanish

Intermediate Spanish (SPAN-11)

Professor: Diego Argibay

"New available technology is already changing language instruction and acquisition and the iPad and tablet technology in general has the potential to take it to a new level due to portability, size, and more importantly, the generation of new applications and programs fomented by a growing community of users based on the first two reasons already mentioned. I intend to use the iPad both during and outside of class. In class I can use it for myriad interactive activities, both requiring written, and now oral responses as well from the students, thanks to new voice recognition technology. Also, whereas the projection of activities on a screen can only acquire one student to participate at a time for any given answer, the iPad's provides the opportunity for all students to participate simultaneously, thereby making the learning experience more efficient and effective for all involved. All students will be stimulated and this should be the focus of language teaching and acquisition, since it brings the classroom environment a step closer to the immersion experience. I must further emphasize the practicality of the device for use in my Spanish language class. I currently incorporate a textbook that provides an optional website resource for homework and additional activities, and it even has an electronic copy of the text. Utilizing such portable devices would make it much more practical to learn because all the homework can be done wherever and whenever one desires, without the need of lugging a large heavy textbook everywhere. It also will help provide much needed feedback on a universal, rather than an individual basis. In fact, this device is even more effective for in class work because everyone can access homework, activities, and even the textbook immediately through the use of one portable and extremely efficient device. This device even makes a purely online or electronic textbook a more viable option for this course. One must also consider the positive ecological impact that this device will have in my class if you take into consideration the amount of paper consumed by textbooks, activities, testing materials, and note taking in any language class. The iPad will also provide a more effective way for my Assistant Teachers to communicate and practice oral assignments with the students also due to the practical nature of the device. There are so many possibilities that this device provides besides the aforementioned. Not only does it open the possibility for more communication between students and teachers, and students and other students, both during and outside of class, but in other universities, communities, and countries as well. I will try to explore this option further this semester if we have the benefit of being provided with iPads. "-Argibay