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Philosophy and Technology

Philosophy and Technology (PHIL 090)

Professor: Greg Reihman

"I am interested in discovering ways the iPad can be used in a discussion-intensive humanities classroom. In particular, I hope to learn (1) if the functionality of the iPad can enhance the conversations we have during class time, perhaps by permitting students to share thoughts on the class material prior to our meeting face to face (in easier or better ways than can currently be done using a course management system's discussion board), perhaps by providing easier access to resources during in-class discussion; (2) Whether we can find a way to use the iPad to enhance student collaboration, during in-class group work and between classes, in ways that make the collaboration more productive and makes the fruits of their collaboration more easily shared (3) if the iPad can help with student writing, by changing the ways instructors and writing fellows give feedback on student work, and (4) if the iPad can help give me, the instructor, a better understanding of students' current thinking on a topic (including questions they have, level of understanding of a reading, etc.) In short, I hope to learn whether we can find ways to use the iPads to have a meaningful impact on how students in my class discuss, read, present, collaborate, and communicate."