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Victorian Imagination of Africa

Victorian Imagination of Africa (ENGL 372)

Professor: D. Michael Kramp

"Students in ENGL 372 (Victorian Imagination of Africa) would essentially use the iPad as both our sole text and our primary means of class communication, assessment, and work production. Given the content material of the class, it is inordinately expensive to purchase texts; many of the travel writings, diaries, and letters detailing Victorian conceptions of Africa are now available, but they are only purchasable as expensive library editions. The iPad will allow us to use these texts as electronic documents. The students will also use the iPad to construct digital projects on the nineteenth-century efforts of collecting and archiving the African experience; we will specifically use the iPad's filmic, photographic, and audio functions to generate this project. Finally, we will use the iPad to submit, evaluate, and respond to written and oral work in the class."