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Intelligent Machines

Intelligent Machines (CSE-90)

Professor: Roger Nagel

"We will us the IPAD in a myriad of ways to explore the course goal of seeing how computing has changed how we work live and play See the course description as it is published below "No technology has had a bigger impact on society over the past 50 years than the computer. This 4-credit freshman seminar will examine how computers – and the scientists and engineers who build and use them – have changed the way we work, live, and interact with each other. We will interactively study realistic, present-day and futuristic assessments. By tapping the creative imaginations of authors, filmmakers, and examining state of the art research still in laboratories. We will take critical looks at the role of intelligent machines and their influence on human behavior by exploring Robots and intelligent machines like smart cars, and other robotic devices. Our goal for the class is to acquire a deeper understanding of the ultimate potential of computers in intelligent machines, and “smart” devices, which now pervade and influence nearly every aspect of our lives. To do so we will also examine IPAD and smart phone applications, cloud computing, and students will make a YouTube video on how computers are changing our lives."-Nagel