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Chemistry Seminar

Chemistry Seminar in Presentations(CHEM-301)

Professor: Natalie Foster

"Imagine … you are in a room to hear a talk on recent results from public health studies on the age-adjusted death rate from cancer across the nation. Before the presenter speaks, you download on your iPad the maps that report the data, that are the core of the new information in the talk. The speaker gives you 5-10 minutes to interact with the data, to study the graphs, to talk to the person next to you, to begin to frame your own interpretation and questions. You expand some of the maps; you zero in on what interests you; you see trends you did not know existed; you put four on the screen together and compare maps; you take some notes; you mark things on the map for future reference and discussion. Then – only after you have seen the results and collected them in your own frame of reference – the speaker begins to address the group. Think about how that changes the interaction, the presentation of new data, your ‘take-home’ from the talk. We will still do powerpoint presentations in this class, but I want the students to experience first-hand how the tablet culture is changing the way we all will present information to audiences. In addition to just the presentations themselves, the students will use the iPads to communicate and share material outside of class, will use apps like ‘Paper’ to illustrate ideas and collect their thoughts, and will use the tablets in class and in seminars they attend to build a portfolio of information and reflections on the successful presentation of technical information."-Foster