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Painting (Art-35)

Professor: Berrisford Boothe

"For over a decade now the use of a computer as idea generator (specifically PhotoShop) has been central to studying painting @ Lehigh. Over the course of that time, I've essentially used my office or the digital design studio to accommodate technical training and encourage experimentation in ideation and image generation. Photography provides the inroads to realizing how each student perceives the world. From this we springboard to images appropriate to translate as painting. I envision crossing over completely and utilizing each i-Pad as the conduit for ideas and integrating not just photo importing and manipulation but actually using the devices for digital rendering, digital printmaking (as the final product, finding ways to invoke active distortions of images then create recipes for new unimagined aesthetic output etc. Artistic discovery as a function of clever observation, inquiry and to promote an openness (a vulnerability) to new ideas beyond the range of typical experience or interaction with the totality of their everyday environment. Students spend an excessive amount of time designing or learning towards the expected. What happens when the objective is about cataloguing daily experiences as the source for ideation? The most important thing we don't teach students are mechanisms for idea generation that can stay with them as practice moving forward."-Boothe