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iPad Project


In Fall 2011, the Lehigh Lab began a research project evaluating how iPads can be used in higher education classrooms. Our key research questions are:

  1.  Which uses of the iPad are most/least useful in helping students meet course goals?
  2.  Do the iPads detract in any significant way from traditional modes of teaching and learning valued by the students or instructors?
  3.  Does the presence of the iPads in this class have an impact on students’ perception of educational technology in general?
  4.  Do the students use their iPads for other classes and, if so, how?
  5.  What new uses of the devices do users envision (i.e., uses that would require hardware or apps that do not yet exist)?
  6.  What are the key elements of effective Instructional Technology support for such a class and what factors promoted/impeded such support? 

To answer these questions, we will work closely with faculty and students in selected courses that are using LTS-supplied iPads. Data will be gathered through surveys and focus groups with students and faculty. We will also ask faculty to include, when possible, assignments that specifically invite student reflection on questions 1-5 above. Question 6 will be addressed by the Instructional Technology consultants involved in the project, who will keep notes on successes and challenges encountered in the project.


Each semester, Lehigh faculty will be invited to submit a proposal to the Lehigh Lab describing how they would use iPads in the coming semester. Proposals will include a statement of the learning goals for the course and research goals specifically related to the integration of iPads into the course. Selected faculty and their students willl receive an iPad to use for the full duration of the semester and the class will receive dedicated support from the Instructional Technology team. Participating faculty and students will record reflections on their use of the iPad in the classroom (chronicling successes and frustrations) and will be asked to participate in surveys and focus groups to help the research team determine areas of most and least successful uses. For Fall 2011, LTS purchased 25 iPads (with a keyboard/case and a stylus for each user). For Spring 2012, LTS purchased an additional 37 units.


FALL 2014

Integration of iPads into the TRAC program at Lehigh University- Professor: Greg Skutches
Fathom: An Educational iOS App for Operations Research- Professor: Larry Snyder


Lehigh in London (ENGL-195-011-SU14) Professor: Michael Kramp
Governor's School-Professor: Helen Chan
CHOICES Program-

FALL 2013 - SPRING 2014

Integration of iPads into the TRAC program at Lehigh University: Greg Skutches


Working with Texts (ENGL-100) Professor: Lyndon Dominique
American Literature II (ENGL-124) Professor: Elizabeth Fifer
British 1890's & Social Justice (ENGL-447) Professor: D. Michael Kramp
Social Studies Mid Level & HS Education (TLT-431) Professor: Thomas Hammond
Globalization and Contextualization (CIE 401) Professor: Peggy A. Kong
Nanoscience (PHY-472/372) Professor:  Slava Rotkin

FALL 2012

Chemistry Seminar (CHEM-301) Professor:  Natalie Foster
Clean Energy: The Science Behind Energy (PHY-90) Professor:  Volkmar Deirolf
The Heirs of Scheherazade (ENGL-398) Professor:  Elizabeth Fifer
Intelligent Machines (CSE-90) Professor:  Roger Nagel
Intermediate Spanish (SPAN-11) Professor: Diego Argibay
Nanoscience (PHY-472/372) Professor:  Slava Rotkin
Painting (ART-35) Professor:  Berrisford Boothe
Product Design (DES-40) Professor:  Wesley Heiss


Multimedia Storytelling (JOUR 230) Professors: Jeremy Littau and Jack Lule 
Victorian Imagination of Africa (ENGL 372) Professor: D. Michael Kramp 
Globalization and Contextualization (CIE 401) Professor: Peggy A. Kong 

FALL 2011

Philosophy and Technology (PHIL 090) Professor: Greg Reihman