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Inclusive Teaching: What will you do when...?

Event Date: 
Thursday, December 14
Event Time: 
12:00 pm to 2:00 pm
Event Location: 
CITL Classroom (EWFM 379)
Event Presenters: 
Greg Reihman, Rita Jones, Chelsea Fullerton, Dahlia Hylton, Jennifer Swann
Graduate Students

Sometimes the creation of an inclusive classroom is less about how we intentionally design our classes and more about how we respond to specific challenges that arise when we teach. In this workshop, faculty will have the opportunity to learn more about changing student demographics at Lehigh and discuss with colleagues several case studies. The cases, based on actual student and faculty experiences, will describe classroom scenarios that, if not handled well, may exclude certain groups of students, diminish those students' sense of belonging to the class, and diminish their likelihood of success.   It is our hope that a guided discussion of these cases will help faculty be prepared to speak and act in ways that promote inclusion and enhance academic success for all students.

(Collaboratively developed by the Office of the Provost, the Council for Equity and Community, the Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning, Office of the Vice Provost for Academic Diversity, Office of Gender Equity, Office of Multicultural Affairs, The Pride Center for Sexual Orientation & Gender Diversity)