Classroom Technology Upgrades for 2017-18 Academic Year

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Over the summer, significant technology upgrades were made to a large number of classrooms and learning spaces throughout the university with the goal of enhancing teaching and learning now and well into the future. Some of the most major updates include: new video walls in prominent lecture hall spaces in an effort to improve presentation and image quality, clarity, and overall viewability; a new space dedicated to data visualization and expanded use of immersive virtual reality using the HTC Vive. New cameras have been added to Packard 101 and Sinclair 106 in order to support the growing need for Web-based teaching, learning, and conferencing. More details regarding these spaces will be forthcoming.

Additionally, over 45 other spaces received upgrades including laser projection, HDMI connections, and more intuitive touch-enabled control panels. 

All of these enhancements join CITL's other recent additions including:

  • One Button Studio - a self-serve video recording studio where you can create high-quality video recordings with just the press of a button without requiring users to have prior video, audio, or lighting knowledge
  • One Button Studio with a Lightboard - a unique tool to help you create lecture content, presentations, concept explanations, and more by writing/drawing on an illuminated glass canvas
  • several innovative, flexible classroom spaces available for use by request in which even more classes are being taught this year
  • new touch-enabled display for instructors/presenters in EWFM 520

To learn more about how to best take advantage of the new technology, about current best practices in instructional design, or how the CITL is working to enhance teaching and learning at Lehigh in general, sign up for an upcoming CITL event/workshop or check our CITL web site for updates.