2023 Symposium on Teaching and Learning

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Lehigh University’s 2023 Symposium on Teaching and Learning took place on Tuesday, April 11, from 9:30AM-4PM in Fairchild-Martindale Library, 5th floor-South and Wednesday, April 12, from 9:00AM-noon on Zoom.

Lehigh instructors presented the ways in which their teaching engages and challenges students, how technology can support learning, and how faculty and students can partner to deepen learning.

The 2023 Symposium featured:
  • A welcome session including student-developed posters on Generative AI 
  • Presentations from our current CITL Faculty Fellows highlighting their collaborations with CITL
  • A student/faculty/staff panel, continuing the discussion on “The Implications of Generative AI for Teaching and Learning at Lehigh”
  • A social hour to connect with colleagues and celebrate the career of Dr. Greg Skutches, Director of Writing Across the Curriculum, who will be retiring from Lehigh this summer.

2023 Symposium Schedule

Tuesday, April 11, 2023

9:30-10:30am Student Poster Session on Generative AI   EWFM Library
(5th-floor South)
10:45-Noon Welcome from Provost Urban
Faculty/Staff/Student Panel Discussion on Generative AI
EWFM Library
(5th-floor South)
Noon-12:40pm Lunch  
EWFM Library
(5th-floor South)
12:45-1:50pm Bringing the complexities of virus structure to life through 3D modeling Larry Tartaglia, CITL Faculty Fellow
(Biological Sciences)
EWFM Library
(5th-floor South)
Using Photovoice to Teach Ecological Systems Theory in the Social Sciences
Russell McIntire
(Community and Population Health)
Dr. Katie Bucher
(Community College of Philadelphia)
  Rethinking Technology and Classroom Time to Finally Win the War on CHEGG Hannah Dailey
(Mechanical Engr. and Mechanics)
  Coaching as a Pedagogy of Well-Being Lina Rodríguez
(Global Citizenship Center, OIA)
  Lehigh models for undergraduate research abroad Katie Radande
(Study Abroad, OIA)
1:50-2pm Break    
2-3pm The impact of VR facilitated TBLT on L2 Mandarin language proficiency and pragmatic competence Limei Shan, CITL Faculty Fellow
(Modern Languages and Literature)
Steve Sakasitz
EWFM Library
(5th-floor South)
  Watermelon Meow Meow: Engaging students in data collection, data preparation, analysis,
and outbreak simulation
Tom McAndrew
(Community and Population Health)
  Conversing With AI to Get Good Answers: How to Ask Good Questions Jeremy Littau
Utilizing VR to Enhance Virtual Exchange
Teresa Cusamano, CITL Faculty Fellow
Chris Harvey
3:10-4pm Tributes to Dr. Greg Skutches, Director of the Writing Across the Curriculum and TRAC Writing Fellows programs, who will be retiring from Lehigh this summer.  
EWFM Library
(5th-floor South)
4-5:30pm Social hour for Dr. Greg Skutches   LTS Circle
EWFM Library
(4th-floor South)


Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Designing a project to develop science communication skills in ecology and evolution of infectious diseases
Kayleigh O'Keeffe, CITL Faculty Fellow
(Biological Sciences)
Supporting the Career Development of LGBTQ+ Students with Inclusive Pedagogical Practices
Bill Burden
(Center for Career and Professional Development)
Scott Burden
(Pride Center)
Creating online spaces to prompt better student reflections of reading assignments
Bruce Whitehouse
(Sociology and Anthropology)
Individual In-Person Assessments in Lieu of a Final Exam
Stephanie Prevost
9:55-10:05am Break    
10:05-10:55am Lehigh Launch Ecuador: An Immersive First-semester Pedagogy David Casagrande
(Sociology and Anthropology)
Cheryl Matherly
Katy Rene
(Study Abroad, OIA)
  Lehigh Launch Semester in the American West

Jennifer Jensen
(Political Science)
Chris Driscoll

Using forms for improving course delivery (and sparing your inbox)
Stephen Lee-Urban
Computer Science & Engineering
  How can a student benefit from a (super short) half-semester two-credit course? Hugo Ceron-Anaya, CITL Faculty Fellow
(Sociology and Anthropology)
10:55-11:05 Break    
Take Five: Mini Oral Exams and What My Students (and I) Have Learned
Kate Arrington
Teaching with Art and Material Culture: Engaging Students in Multidisciplinary Learning
Stacie Brennan
Elise Schaffer
A Tool to Foster Student-Guided Learning and Peer-to-Peer Support

Carol Strange
(Iacocca International Internship Program)
Rob Weidman

Data visualization in education --Processing complex and large number data sets
Zilong Pan,CITL Faculty Fellow
(Teaching, Learning,and Technology)