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2020 Symposium on Teaching and Learning

Symposium Schedule

This one-day symposium features presentations by Lehigh faculty on new and effective approaches to teaching and learning. Come hear good ideas, be inspired to try new approaches, and help
us recognize the work of those who have successfully implemented changes in how they teach.

This year the Symposium will be held on Thursday, April 16th, 2020.  

Check back soon for more information about sessions, schedule, and registration.


Feedback from past Symposia participants

98% of Symposium attendees responded that the Symposium was successful at meeting its goals - "to highlight new, interesting, and effective approaches to teaching and learning at Lehigh; to disseminate good ideas; to inspire others to try new approaches; and to recognize the work of those who have met with success of one kind or another in their teaching" [72%: very successful; 26% somewhat successful]

When asked, specifically, what made the Symposium so successful, attendees responded:

  • "The opportunity to meet so many great members of the community, and hear about successes in innovative teaching across the institution."
  • "It was neat to see a forum like this. Helps to bring out the best of Lehigh."
  • "Hearing from faculty directly about their experiences."
  • "I was awakened to the help available from CITL and the radical changes in the libraries that are in progress. "
  • "It was very useful to see instructors from a range of departments and programs share their curricula and styles of teaching with us and each other. I feel that a symposium comprised of a diverse group of presenters and attendees provides for a fuller view of classroom instruction."
  • "Really liked the morning session. It's always an interesting deep dive on interesting projects and ideas. The lightning round is always interesting too. Lots of useful tools and ways of thinking about technology."
  • "The variety of presentations made by engaging faculty.... and a good wide range applications of technology and innovation. Good location for the conference."
  • "Loved the varied and exciting approaches to familiar problems. Using technology is not usually part of my teaching, but I will try some of the approaches"
  • "The open, collaborative, environment fostered by the Symposium was second-to-none."
  • "I loved hearing about the innovative projects faculty were doing and how they all recognized the support they received from staff!"
  • "So many different ideas presented. Great to see diversity in teaching."
  • "I enjoyed the sessions 1 and 3 the most. I heard several ideas for projects that I could imagine using in my classroom. "
  • "I always enjoy getting a peek into other faculty's classrooms (so to speak). I picked up a few new tools ..., so it will definitely enrich my own teaching. The short format of the lightning round was nice, maximizing what I could see in the time I spent."
  • "Very good talks, and they fit the session title about engagement, which is an important and timely theme."
  • "Great ideas about teaching approaches and ways to use digital tools. I really appreciated the way presenters talked about integrated the digital tools into their overall learning designs."
  • "New ideas. Great and enthusiastic speakers."
  • "The quality of the teaching work being done at Lehigh is always so impressive and energizing. The organization of the symposium was quite professional. I'm consistently torn between a desire to hear more presenters and a desire for less presenters and some significant time for questions and discussion. I think we could have benefited from some meaningful time for discussion at various points."
  • "Well kept time limits, focused audience"
  • "Loads of presenters -- lots of diversity in reports"
  • "It was great to hear what others are doing and getting inspired by their innovative work."
  • "The diverse background of people."
  • "Successful in hearing from so many different people around Lehigh who are trying new things in the classroom and beyond"
  • "The opportunity to hear about so many innovations at Lehigh in a short time."
  • "It was great to hear from people you wouldn't normally hear from within your own department"
  • "Input from a variety of instructors with different teaching objectives and challenges."
  • "I enjoyed hearing about the new ways instructors are engaging students in a more experiential learning environment."
  • "Great attendance! I loved the upstairs room layout with both structured seatings as well as a significant amount of soft-seating."

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