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CITL Teaching Spaces (CITL Classroom (EWFM 379), CITL Seminar Room (EWFM 370d), CITL Commons (EWFM 370)

Syllabus Template ~ a Google Document (downloadable as a Word document) that provides guidance to instructors who are developing syllabi.

Syllabus Planning: 10 Questions ~ questions to consider when planning or revising a syllabus.

Course Design Worksheet ~ Tips on designing a course, writing learning objectives, planning assignments, and developing a course schedul 

Classroom Management and Organization - Brief overview of some effective strategies 

Designing Research Paper Assignments: Characteristics of Effective Assignments ~ Tips on designing a research paper.

Early-semester Feedback forms ~ sample forms you can use to invite feedback from students on your teaching, on your courses, etc.

Effective, Efficient Grading ~ tips on designing courses and assignments that improve and simplify the grading process.  

Learning Objectives and Assessment-Stem Words Worksheet ~ a guide to writing learning outcomes or posing questions on assessments.

Seven Principles for Good Practice in Undergraduate Education (Chickering and Gamson) ~ a classic statement of good teaching practices

Active Learning Strategies ~ a brief list of classroom strategies that engage students.

Inclusive Teaching Resources

Effective Teaching in Diverse Classrooms  (handout)

Inclusive Teaching Resources (links) 

Selected Articles about Inclusive Teaching (links) 

Course Site Resources

A Rough Checklist for Getting Started Teaching Online Courses at Lehigh

Academic Integrity Resources Information for faculty on deterring and detecting academic integrity violations

Academic Integrity Vignettes a PowerPoint document that provides academic integrity case studies for use by instructors during class review of policies and approaches

Making Sense of Student Evaluations advice for instructors to use when reading and reflecting on student evaluations

Classroom Visit and Feedback a program connects Lehigh instructors with trained undergraduate students who visit classrooms and offer feedback on teaching and presentations.

2016-17 Annual Report (includes 17-18 goals)

2015-16 CITL Goals

2014-15 CITL Annual Report

2014-15 CITL Goals  

2013-14 CITL Accomplishments

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